Easy Home Brewing - English Porter Experiment

This is how I made an English Porter out of very basic ingredients. Taste test of the resulting beer at end of video. Recipe below...

1.5kg (3.3lb) light liquid malt extract, unhopped
1 can Coopers English Bitter
500g (1.1lb) Light Dry Malt Extract
500g Crystal 60L
230g Chocolate Malt
1oz Fuggles Hops
1 worlflock tablet or irish moss for clearing
Windsor English Style Yeast

- Bring 2.5 to 3 Gallons of water to 165F and add grains in a large grain bag.
Temp should drop to 160F. Maintain that the best you can. (put something like a plate on the bottom of your pot so you don't burn your grain bag)
- Steep at 160F for 40 minutes. (covered)
- Remove grain, drain well, and bring water to boil.
- Fallow instructions on yeast packet to re-hydrate the yeast. Keep covered until 70F
- Add the worlflock and unhopped extract WITH THE POT OFF THE HEAT. Stir in and bring back to the boil, watching for boil-overs.
- Add the Fuggles Hops and continue to boil for 10 minutes. (un-covered)
- Flame out and add the Dry Malt Extract, then Coopers English Bitter. (in that order) Rinse cans with hot water to get all the extract. The Dry Malt might clump, just keep stirring.
- Quickly cool this down to around 100F if your top up water is cold, or 70F if your top up water is room temp. Top up to 23 Liters.
- Stir yeast and pitch.
- Ferment at 68F for two weeks, then bottle or keg. Bottles must sit for a month before drinking. Believe me, I tasted one after two weeks and it was NOT as good as the 1 month old ones.
Home Brewing
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